Imaging procedure costs now searchable

We’re constantly adding data and making improvements to to enhance the shopping experience for healthcare procedures and office visits. For this reason, we’re thrilled to now offer imaging services to our searchable database.

With 34 searchable imaging categories, including more than 300 procedures, you can now comparison shop for imaging services.

What can patients search for?
With the addition of imaging procedures, HealthCost now shares the exact costs nationwide for:

  • 64 episodes of care categories with nearly 850 specific procedures

  • 47 categories of specialty providers

  • 34 imaging categories with more than 300 procedures

The launch of imaging data includes private practices and imaging facilities and will soon integrate outpatient hospital imaging. Although there are other search tools available, HealthCost is the only search tool offering exact pricing; other search tools simply offer average or estimated costs on a local or regional basis. With HealthCost, you can compare per doctor, per facility and make an informed decision on the care you’d like to receive.

And consumers aren’t the only ones to benefit.
Take, for example, a free-standing imaging facility across the street from a hospital. Both offer the same services, but the former may be one third less than the cost of the hospital. With exact rates in easy view, HealthCost not only helps consumers make decisions, but also offers providers the freedom to set their own HealthCost NetworksSM rates and promote their offerings (in terms of specific equipment they use or their individual expertise). We want to strengthen a healthcare provider’s ability to operate in the free market, and providing clear and explicit communication between providers and consumers is the first step.

Where does HealthCost get the quality and pricing data?
HealthCost quality and pricing information is sourced from publicly available information that originates directly from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the entity that sets reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals. Although this data is available to the general public, it is not easily accessible or understood. HealthCost has tackled this big data challenge and solved it with a user-friendly, free-market solution, available to anyone with internet access or a smartphone.

Millions of Americans are faced with high-deductible plans or are completely uninsured – forcing them to pay for healthcare expenses out of pocket. Before HealthCost, there was no way to shop, compare and understand what they were paying before multiple unexpected medical bills arrived in the mail. We’ve changed all of this by giving exact pricing information in advance.

This is the first time this has been done, and it’s about time. Start your search today.