Physicians Can Now Use Technology to Set Rates.

By Douglas Tardio, HealthCost Co-Founder

The healthcare system is broken—not just for patients, but for providers as well. Until now, there has never been an open or straightforward way for doctors and healthcare professionals to adjust their own fees or share their actual pricing with their patients. The process has been mostly one-sided for decades. Providers participate in health plan agreements to gain access to commercially insured patients. But commercial insurance has held all the cards. Reimbursements to providers are complicated and rate structures are proprietary. In the end, the physician has little to no control over their rates, how they’re reimbursed for the services they perform and, worse, they have no control over what patients they see. Why? Because the uninsured can’t afford the prices dictated by the government and insurance groups, and they’re limited in seeing only patients within the insurance networks they have joined.

We have a solution—a way to open the restrictions and put the physician and the patient back in control.   

HealthCost, the first network offering healthcare providers the freedom to set and manage their own network prices, is changing all of this. Through, providers join an open, transparent network where pricing data is readily available to any consumer. HealthCost providers then have the freedom to market their own services to new consumers no matter how, or if, they are covered under insurance. Healthcare providers can now expand beyond their current health plan networks and reach new, traditionally unreachable patients. Now providers can reach the millions of uninsured, self-insured small business, out-of-network and other self-pay consumers.

A vet charges more on the weekends. Why isn’t it the same for doctors?

It’s fairly standard that a visit to the vet is more expensive on the weekends and holidays. The same is true for many other products and services. Pricing varies throughout the week and by location when booking an airline ticket, for example. Shouldn’t these free market principles be the same for doctors and medical professionals?

As part of a free market, healthcare providers should be free to entice consumers with fair market pricing, based on value and demand, not predetermined pricing. Why shouldn’t providers have the freedom to flex when they need to? Just like every other category in our free market, providers should be able to offer lower rates for procedures on days when demand is low or higher rates when demand is high.

Register with Today

Are you a healthcare provider who wants to gain control of your rates and meet new patients? It’s easy to become a HealthCost Networks provider. Simply visit our provider page and click the “Join Now” button. You’ll be able to fill out a simple form to enter our system and begin the registration process. Once registered, you will be able to check your published rate and make changes as you see fit.

There are upwards of 50 million people that aren’t being reached by healthcare providers today. We believe that when providers control their own rates and patients are given the knowledge they need to make the best healthcare decision for themselves and their families, everyone wins.  

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